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自我介紹: Ideas For Decorating Your Wet Room Window

When your bathroom shower is designed as a wet room, you automatically have a lot of space to play around with. More homeowners like you are opting for these contemporary bathroom designs which eliminate the traditional style of a shower tray underneath the shower to drain water.

A wet room has a modern day feel to it. Most home owners find it challenging dressing their wet room windows to complement the contemporary feel of the room. They just settle for curtains but even after putting up the curtains, they still feel something is amiss. Using curtains to dress your wet room windows might not work well. You will need to come up with something unique.

A fashionable way of dressing the windows in your wet room is using shutters. It might sound impractical to you because, depending on their position in the wall, bathroom windows tend to get dampened with vapor or outright splashing of water after every use. This is should not dissuade you from using shutters.

Installing shutters in your wet room window is a fantastic way to liven it up. In addition to putting shutters on the windows, if your wet room has a toilet, you can use specially measured shutters to partition the toilet area from the bathroom area. Consult S:CRAFT for dimensions used regularly.

Choosing The Right Shutter For Your Wet Room Window

When you are ready to purchase shutters for your wet room window, there are a number of design options you can choose to maximize the look of your window as well as the functionality. These include:

• Using Solid Panel Shutters

Remember that shutters are easily to wipe and can come as louvres or solid panels. If you use solid panel shutters to dress your wet room window, you have certain advantages. As the name implies, they come in a panel, they are very easy to clean. They come in a wide range of colors to choose from. Solid panel shutter are opaque enough to create privacy and transparent enough for light rays to penetrate them and illuminate your wet room.

• Using Louvred Shutters

If solid panel shutters do not appeal to you, you can have a louvered shutter. A design that is segregated to split the louvred shutter vertically into two halves will be better. This way, the top half can be opened to allow natural light illuminate your bathroom and the bottom half closed for privacy.

• Using Shutters With A Combination Of Both Features

Another design option you have is to combine a solid panel and a louvre into a window design. You can vertically split your wet room window into two. The bottom-half of your window can be made with a solid panel which automatically solves the problem of privacy while in the wet room. Then you can have the top half made from louvres. When rotated at an angle, the louvres regulate the entry of light to illuminate the wet room. They also aerate the room. You somewhat get a dual purpose window when you combine these two shutter types into one window.

Consider Damp & Wetness

Your wet room is given that name for a reason. It will constantly get wet after almost every use. That is why the fittings in that room are designed with damp free attributes. Any fitting you want for your wet room window must have damp free qualities as well.

Waterproof shutters will work well for wet rooms. Some companies offer wet room windows that are made from treated wood. These shutters can look very sophisticated and elegant. Do not be tempted by these wooden wet room shutters. The truth is that because wood is a natural material, no matter how well it is treated, dried in even in the best of kilns with computers perfectly simulating the natural conditions, it is still prone to damage if exposed to humidity. If you settle for wooden shutters, you will eventually need to replace them when they become mouldy, unappealing and wear out.

Wet room shutters are made from special plastic material might be the best for you. They are highly durable though lightweight. s-craft Java Range fit perfectly in this category. This shutter is 100% water resistant and because of their ability to withstand dents, they are not only suitable for bathroom and toilets, and they are also good for children’s rooms plus high traffic areas.

Java Range plastic shutter can easily be wiped clean and kept dry removing the hassle of washing curtains. Additionally, plastic shutters keep insects away unlike wooden shutters.

Aesthetic Appeal

Any design you use should be cut to the measurement of your wet room window so that it fits perfectly well into the window frame and rotates freely without any difficulties. A proper choice of colors will also enhance your wet room and make it more aesthetically appealing. If the walls or ceramics have a lighter shade, you can work with light colored shutters to create a feeling of more space or greater ambience. You could also use dark colored shutters to contrast the background and give your wet room an edgy feel.

The choice is completely yours play around with your palette and see what you come up with.


Just before you leave home to face the struggles of the day, or when you come back home and seek to calm your nerves and refresh your mind from the challenges you faced during the day, you will need to visit your wet room. Your wet room is the place where you could either prepare for the day or unwind after the day.

A good number of people take this room for granted and do not pay any attention to properly maintaining it. Peeling paint on the walls, mould, and unkempt windows aren’t uncommon.

If you take out time to dress your wet room window, you will not only achieve privacy, illumination, functional, spacious and aesthetic appeal but you will create an inner sanctuary you look forward to spending some serious time in.
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